Mission statement



"To a world where faith

and the Universal Human Rights unite"

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Would it not be quite obvious for spirituality to be solely focused on the inner life; on the spirit; on the loving unity with God, with life and the Holy Spirit?


The numerous religious motivated atrocities against the body that fill the news, seem to justify the theorem that human suffering will dramatically decrease or completely disappear from the world, if religion and belief are barred. How do we plead?


It is undeniable so, that religion and faith of all orientations, cultures and backgrounds, nurture a specific insider-culture which is not intended to be in-cluding at all. The organization is being formed through formal and informal, hierarchical lines that develop the members steadily, to a mutual 'ranking'. The membership of the circle, concentrates on expressing solidarity for the activities and the idiom of the own circle. Those who do not belong to the inner circle, are called at best 'beginners' - if not, they are regarded to be outsiders. With outsiders there exists - in principle - never a truthful communication. From the ‘outsider concept’ namely, the organization derives its right to exist. Without outsiders the inner circle cease to exist. This is a law of nature and grace. The essence of law is, that it is applicable to all circles - regardless of background, religion and ideology.


Circles that form in water, are caused by - for instance -: throwing a pebble in the water or a sipping fish. Anyway, the water forms circles by agitation of the water surface. It is clear that our world is all turmoil. Our world is troubled water. Not one thing in this world is true. Truth unites and sets free. Water is life, and as such it is neutral. Phenomenologically seen, the stone and the little fish are one. Since they produce identical effects, namely: circles, caused, on the surface of the water. Their differences do not matter at all. Diversity and mutual separation never occurred. There is water and there is turmoil and the outcome of the interaction between water and stir ultimately end in: water without turmoil. Water which reflects the light. - God is the light in which I see.


Each circle will dissolve in water. In water, the circle never occurred. Inwardly everyone of us is aware of this inevitable reality hence our global commitment to prevend our circle lives, from dissolving in truth. We cherish our circles by: honoring, naming, image building, worship, symbols, result and data archiving. However: patience and love, is already time fulfilled because without the fulfilling, time would not even exist. After all, time is nothing distinct from a pebble or a fish. Time is turmoil. Any turmoil dissolves infinitely in the calmness and light of Living Water. Only fulfillment and salvation exist. - Give me that Living Water - (Teresa of Avila).


All circles refer to the universal fulfillment that they will resolve themselves: inevitably. The separated circles essentially exist not, because there are no outsiders. The circles are - without exception - united and enclosed by the universal principle. It won’t "help" to entrust the universal principle to one circle and to exclude the other circle from it, for the simple reason that exclusion does not exist; because circles do not exist. Only carefully preserved thoughts about the existence of circles that exclude each other, manage to keep up their apparent existence. Circles treat outsiders as bodies totally separated from the circle. Additionally circles treat the body of the outsider, as an unwanted form, a category that should be excluded and expelled from the circle. Thus, women, men and children, the elderly and young people are treated according to presumptions about their bodies without respect for the dignity of their spirit and their truth from God. All respect comes from the knowing of the spirit. Then I will know fully, as God fully knows me - 1 Corinthians 13,12.


On the inclusive principle, the Universal Human Rights are founded. However, we see that the fundamental right of freedom of religion - in some countries even politically - is being invoked with the sole aim of privileging their own circle and undermine the fundamental rights of the whole of humanity.


To be socially relevant; so to be Living Water and His Living Love, may all circles of Orders, and moreover everyone, unconditionally and without judgment - as Love always does -, embrace the Universal Human Rights . - Judge not lest you be not judged. - Matthew 7,2.


August 27th, 2016




I am not a body

I am free

For I am still as God

created me




I believed in the

love of God


Thérèse van Lisieux



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